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The Atheist Scholar
is an online academic resource for those interested in the serious, interdisciplinary study of atheism. The Atheist Scholar provides a comprehensive overview for the student of atheism, a review of the best books on atheism, and summaries of literature and movies of interest to atheists.

The Atheist Scholar
also presents selected lectures based on the content listed below. 

Table of Contents

An Introduction to Atheist Studies

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What is Atheism? Arguments For and Against
the Existence of god

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Atheist History in the USA 

Atheism from Greece to the Modern World 

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Atheism in the Renaissance


 Atheist Sociology
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Atheist Demographics

Creationism, Intelligent Design, Strengths and Weaknesses

Atheist Philosophies



Logical Positivism 



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Two Atheist Philosophers 


Ethics, Applied Ethics and Human Rights
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Biblical Criticism
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Atheism and the Law

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Atheist Narratives Films Books

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Books for Parents and Children

Book Reviews

Atheist Fiction

Atheist Films

Bergman's Atheist Films

Film Noir and Hard Boiled Novels

Atheist Personal Narratives

Vampires, Immortality, and Christianity

Atheist Activism

Atheist Web Sites

The Devil Part 1: The Rise and Fall of Belief and Religion
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The Devil Part II: The Church and the Reformation
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Atheist Enlightenment Part I
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 Atheist Enlightenment Part II:Radical Enlightenment
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The Early Christian Church and Its War on Reason
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The Conflict Between Science and Religion
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Evolution vs Creationism
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Irrational Medicine: An Atheist Perspective
on Faith Healing, Intercessory Prayer,
Religion in Medicine and Belief in Alternative Medicine

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An Atheist Perspective on the Illusion of Immortality part I
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An Atheist Perspective on the Illusion of Immortality part II
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Ghosts & Immortality

How Atomism and Lucretius 
                         Made the Renaissance Modern
An Atheist Perspective 
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An Atheist Perspective on Buddhism 
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An Introduction to Crusades: An Atheist Perspective
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The Virgin Mary’s Image Alterations
with Each Changing Church Doctrine

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The Pagan Roots of Jesus and the Virgin Mary:
An Atheist Perspective

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American Transcendentalism and Its Liberaton
from Traditional Christianity

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American Deism's Influence on the Founding
Fathers and Constitution of the United States 

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An Atheist Perspective on Blasphemy 
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An Atheist Perspective On: Women Oppressed by Religion Part I 
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An Atheist Perspective On: Women Oppressed by Religion Part II
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An Atheist Perspective on Noah's Flood
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Christianty's Pagan Roots
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Intelligent Design
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Heresy: An Atheist Perspective
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An Atheist Perspective on Apostasy 
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 Miracles, Relics and Other Follies
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Ingersoll and American Freethought
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Anarchism, Atheism and Emma Goldman
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American Freethought
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Social Darwinism
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Myths of Christian Persecution

Christianity's Damnation of Sex

Jesus' Imagined History

Christian Anti-Semitism, Part 1

Christian Anti-Semitism, Part2

Fundamental Judaism vs. Judaic Hellenism

Christian Sadomasochism

Why Call It Evil?

Bible, Slavery and Abolition


WWI and the Rise of Spiritualism

Suicide and Secularism

Homosexuality and Christianity

Marriage And Christianity

Sex in Medieval Convents

Religious Book Burning

Did God Have a Wife?

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